by Dawn of Dementia

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Brett MacIntosh
Brett MacIntosh thumbnail
Brett MacIntosh Stellar progressive and technical Death Metal with top notch musicianship and songwriting!
Amazing solos and chops from both guitarists and bassist. Favorite track: Vitrification.
Benjamin Camacho
Benjamin Camacho thumbnail
Benjamin Camacho Favorite EP of 2012 and still coming back to it now. I guess that says something about how good it is. Favorite track: Primitive Aberration.
Nekorz thumbnail
Nekorz Relentless brutality with clean presentation and great groovage. Favorite track: Vitrification.
Brian Shields
Brian Shields thumbnail
Brian Shields Agree with the comment about a heavier version of Son of Aurelius. Love this record so fucking much. Favorite track: Vitrification.
syn thumbnail
syn This is what I would like to imagine Son of Aurelius would sound like if they went in a heavier direction. Straight forward guitar and bass shredding with surgical precision, not to mention incredible drum grooves. Overall one of the best tech death albums to be released recently.
9.5/10 Favorite track: Vitrification.
Chris W
Chris W thumbnail
Chris W Insanely impressive catchy tech! For fans of Obscura and Spawn of Possession. Favorite track: Primitive Aberration.
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Derick Harshbarger - Guitar
Brandon Clevenger - Guitar
Sean Allison - Drums
Joel Schwallier - Bass
Noe Sepulveda - Vocals
Recorded in July/August 2012. Released September 21, 2012.


released September 21, 2012

Recorded at Threshold Studios with Brian "Bone" Thorburn.
Album Artwork - Sarafin Concepts, Ken Sarafin



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Dawn of Dementia Lafayette, Indiana

Dawn of Dementia is a Melodic Death Metal band from Lafayette, Indiana. They formed in February of 2010.

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Track Name: Vitrification
Within sacred sands lies the ruins,
Cryptic stones resonate the cosmic energy within,
Interlocking granite of geometric constructions by engineers of the ancients,
Vitrification by children of the sun,

Surrounded by an infestation of locusts,
The fortresses of the pyramid were created - influence of the divine,
Atop, the towered beams of light emit the energy within,
Toward the celestial beginnings of creation,

The product of mechanical precision of machinery inherited by ancient deities,
Stands the obelisks articulated in red granite stone,
Inscribed on the monolithic structure - displays the graphemes of the necroglyphics,
Re-erected pointing to the heavens in the sky,

The acoustic properties of the oracle,
Transform a trance of "higher" consciousness,
Embodied through fractal nonlinear resonance - death ensues,
The final form of conversion returning the soul to the stars.
Track Name: Primitive Aberration
Splintered vials of existence,
Fabrications derived from our scientific advancements,
The programmed samples of consciousness,
That denatured in the genetics of our living creation - thrive,

Reabortioned embryos of a synthetic masterpiece,
They have spawned through multicellular revisions,
Abandoned in abomination of environmental sediments,
Corroded, They suffer inversions of flourishing numbers,

Foremost: implanted in the DNA, a desire teems to be - one with thee divine,
A mirrored reflection of unholy perfection,
The prevention of planetary progression supports;
Our desire to control them from a primitive aberration.

With an absent chance of fortuity,
The cessation of life will become the apparition of an ever-diminishing future
Track Name: Somatic Fallacy
Hidden behind the visage, buried beyond grasp
Jurisdiction falls to the unconscious
Bearing solely indifference to sustenance

Adherent. Subject to the mind
Victim of dreams, the omnipresent reality
Constructing the ever expansive network of the mind
Altering the structure, offsetting the norm
Your memories fade, and your being Is effaced

Outer life is fabricated to meet your non-existence
Recollection is opaque, the very name concealed
Commence the inception, and depart
For your future knows no time, no others
Life beyond is a fallacy, obstructing the cancer
Breathe and exist within me, the entity.
Sheltered and suffocated. Reduced to isolation.

Existence within the illusion.
Inverted imagination, tracing dystopia.
Somatic sensation rendered numb.
Suffering exists far beyond the age of thought, and its expansion is timeless.
Corruption breeds within these realms
Bound and suspended, initiate decay.